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Trophy Game Safaris brings you to Africa …. Based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, we offer safaris all over Southern Africa with integral base support. A safari to Africa can be a average or great experience. Our choice is to give you the great unforgettable experience …. to make your ideal safari more than what you bargained for !

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A Profile On Us

tina-amandaI am not able to remember which really was the first day that I held a firearm in my hands, but I remember it being when I was very young of age. My father entrusted me with a .22 by myself from age 13 which is very young by South African laws. I roamed the bush day and night to see what I could find for fresh meat and the thrill of the kill.

Many of my first targets were just guinea fowl, common duiker and steenbuck after which I got confident to take larger animals such as impala and kudu with the .22 Long rifle. I had lots of fun hunting the small game and they always provided a challenging hunt. My dad had a tracker that has been around at the time since before I was born. He was an exceptional tracker and accompanied me many times. This is how I developed my skills in tracking over the years.

It was when I was 15 when the big day came and I was allowed to go out hunting on my own with my tracker Petrus… and have a 30.06(large calibre) in my hands. I will never forget this day, I have never shot this large a gun before and here I was to go hunting with it. My father and I were out in our bush camp at Queens Dale (Princess Hills) and have tried to hunt a kudu the previous afternoon. The next morning he did not feel well and I offered to go out to try and get a kudu for meat purposes. I was really surprised when he decided to allow me. But this was to be a big day in my life which I will never forget. From the fresh crisp morning air and the sun rising over the cliffs of Queens’s dale as my tracker and I broke over the edge of the cliff scouting for kudu to the point of my first kill.

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